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 Batman is a famous DC-Superhero from the DC comics. Batman is the secret identity of Bruce Wayne, a wealthy industrialist, playboy, and philanthropist who lives in Gotham City where he fights off the villans which live their, one of these villians he goes against the most is the Joker. In MUGEN, there are 3 versions of him available. One by Magus and another by Acey. And one by Infinity Mugen Team Since this character was hosted on the dead site "scruffy dragon", a Mediafire link has been provided.

Alucard's BatmanEdit

Batman is a very challenging opponent as his AI makes good use of all his abilities, and can combo multiple attacks together to deal massive damage. He has standard health and defence and is advised that inexperienced players should not play against this Batman until they have got to grips with the game.

One unique feature about Batman is when he is put up against Kal-Elvis's Superman  or Seth Zankuten's Superboy , he will equipt a special kryptonite ring to his right hand which will cause extra damage to both of them if he hits them with his right hand. Other attacks won't have the same effect.

As well as this, Magus Batman also has three unique palettes which effect his gameplay style, these palettes are...


Infiltration SuitEdit

The Infiltration Suit is a costume based on the one Batman wore in Batman Beyond. The suit gives Batman the ability to become invisible making it harder for opponents to find Batman and gives him the new super "Bat-tle Armor".


Batzarro is twisted doppelgänger of Batman in the same vein as BizBatarangs - D, DF, F + Any button


Kryptonite Batman is where batman is covered in Kryptonite casuing him to glow green. When in this mode you will gain a new super move "Kryptonite Twilight". Also when going against Kal-Elvis Superman and Seth Zankuten Superboy, they will recieve massive amount of damage from Batman's physical attack putting them at a major disadvanatge.

Knight Shadow

Knight Shadow is simply a palette edit of the Infiltration Suit using the same moves and abilities.



D = Down

F = Right

B = Left

DB = Down-left

DF = Down-right

A/B = Punch

X/Y = Kick


Alucard: DownloadEdit

IMT and Acey: DownloadEdit

Magus: DownloadEdit

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